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Body Buff Cleanse | 30min

This treatment is a gentle, all over body exfoliation, using grapeseeds in a botanical rich body cleansing cream. Feel invigorated and revitalized as your body is polished to glowing perfection before receiving further body treatments.

Luxurious Pinotage and Lime Salt Glow | 30min

A luxurious, ritual body salt scrub, consisting of refined marine salts, grape extracts and honey infused with lemon, lime and sweet orange essences.

MusculaVine Friction Scrub | 30min

A warming sugar scrub infused with circulatory-boosting essential oils used as an antidote for a tired body and mind. This scrub gives an exhilarating start to your day with an uplifting aroma of eucalyptus, pine and black pepper to help unwind the body and mind as well as ease muscular aches and pains.

Purifying Body Clay Wrap | 90min

Overtime, unhealthy habits or casual neglect can leave us in a real need of purification. For centuries, clays have been used to detoxify the body and re-mineralise the skin. A warm clay, which helps draw out impurities, smooth and clarify the skin by restoring purity to the body, is applied. A detoxifying body oil containing blue mountain sage, basil, juniper berry and rosemary will add to the breaking down and elimination of toxins.

Firming and Hydrating Body Gel Wrap | 90min

A wonderful nourishing and firming treatment in which firming actives and essential botanicals are blended in an aloe based pack. Let yourself drift away as you are cocooned in a blanket, revealing skin with greater firmness, uniformity of tone and texture.

Relaxation Body Cream Wrap | 105min

This luxurious treatment is recommended as an anti-stress treatment, with the emphasis placed on total relaxation by performing exfoliation of the skin followed by a relaxing massage, mask application and moisturisation.

Recharge Body Clay Wrap | 90min

A vibrant blend of essential oils of clary sage, rose and jasmine will enliven your total being. Your body will be re-mineralised with warm clay, thereafter wrapped in a blanket whilst the essential minerals thoroughly cleanse your body and stimulate cellular regeneration for enhancement of a smoother, hydrated and radiant looking skin. This treatment is ideal for those in need of a boost.

Contouring Body Gel Wrap | 90min

This hands-on treatment is for people in need of contouring. Manual lymphatic drainage massage will be performed by using a combination of powerful contouring essential oils that eliminate toxins and relieve water retention, after which a firming body gel is applied. You are then cocooned in blankets enjoying a scalp massage whilst your body gently detoxifies.

Sculpt-O-Vine Cellulite Treatment | 60min

Reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance your natural body shape by improving microcirculation, optimizing lipolysis and strengthening the epidermis of your skin.


Desert Glow Exfoliation | 30min

Unveil smooth skin with a personalized blend of desired exfoliation medium and a hydrating blend of nourishing botanical oils. Buff away your dry dull skin to reveal your unique desert glow by choosing between 3 exfoliation mediums.

Desert Glow Cocoon Wrap | 120min

Create your own unique body exfoliation experience by combining fragrances from Africa 

with organic plant extracts and unrefined earth mediums. Choose your distinctive ingredient 

favorite and fragrances to combine a personal treatment that buffs away dull skin and

cocoons the body with mineralised clay and botanical oils, leaving your skin soft and 

nourished. A treatment shaped by - and around - you.

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