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Deluxe Spa Ritual | 2hrs

Let your body and face become the centre of attention, beginning at the soles of the feet and ending at the crown of the head-performing the ultimate in skin-therapy. This treatment begins with a foot cleansing ritual, followed by a relaxing massage combined with a specialized facial. Relax in complete tranquillity whilst receiving an acupressure scalp massage.


Hydrating Milk Wrap Ceremony | 60min

Your body is primed for a luxurious treat whilst your therapist rids your skin of rough, dead skin cells using a crushed grapeseed cream cleanse. Warm, rich hydrating milk is then poured over your entire body before being cocooned in warm blankets for ultimate relaxation and hydration. Whilst inhaling the aromas, enjoy a relaxing facial massage. Warm, gentle mitts remove excess milk after an application of Cabernet Body Lotion, containing Red Vine Leaf extract known for boosting circulation, is applied.

Face and Body Glow Experience | 2hrs

Prepare to indulge in our full, sensory signature experience. After receiving a foot cleanse ritual, both face and body are exfoliated to ensure a natural, healthy glow. Relax whilst receiving a pampering face and body massage. You are then embalmed in an extremely moisturising vine treatment cream to hydrate and nourish your skin. Awaken to a warm botanical infused compress.

Vitality Spa Ritual | 2hrs15min

Indulge your senses and recharge your body and mind in a deep cleansing and energizing ritual. Your body is cleansed with an exfoliating sponge embedded with a blend of red 

grape skin extract, redbush extract and vegetable soap.

A warm, uplifting oil is then poured over your body, followed by a massage to release any deep 

seated tension and stress. Whilst lying cocooned in a purifying clay wrap, enjoy the effects of 

a revitalizing, anti-ageing eye treatment. After the application of a body lotion, leave feeling revitalized and wonderfully rested.


Detox Journey | 2hrs

This ritual performed on our marble therapy bed,

allows you to renew your body by 

enhancing cellular regeneration through personalized skin exfoliation with steam, detoxifying and boosting circulation. Your body is enveloped with re-mineralising clay

botanical oils, leaving you restored revitalized.

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